Our Core Competencies and Fields of Activity

Our fields of activity lie in demanding structural engineering, ranging from conceptual planning to execution planning (structural detailing and assembly process), construction management, inspection or acceptance, as well as inspection of existing structures. At the core of our work lies our specialized expertise:

Steel and Glass Engineering

Structural steel construction in all its facets and structural glass construction, where glass takes on the primary role of a load-bearing structure. Through numerous challenging projects both domestically and internationally, and with over 30 years of experience, we can draw upon broad expertise in this field. Many of our projects are custom solutions, bespoke designs, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Categorizing our activities can therefore be challenging. However, broadly speaking, the following themes can be divided:

Building and Instustrial Engineering

  • Structural engineering design, design of details
  • Expansion and renovation of existing buildings
  • Consultation and assessments

Bridge and Mast Engineering

  • Overall planning of infrastructure projects

Cablecar and General Plant Engineering

  • Structural engineering design using Finite Element Method (FEM)
  • Structural opitmizations and structural extensions using Finite Element Method (FEM)

Structural dynamics

  • Structural dynamics measurements
  • Structural dynamic calculations and simulations using Finite Element Method (FEM)
  • Assessments


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